Family, food and Sicily

To gather around a table with my Sicilian family is an adventure jam packed with frivolity, grace and really, really good food. My grandmother, the matriarch of the family was a robust yet calming woman who left her legacy of wholesome, rustic Sicilian cooking with her daughter and 7 daughters-in-law. One of these was my mother Pina married to my father Diego and together they created their own table which was never short of magical morsels of pasta, eggplants, tomatoes, tuna, parmigiano cheese and mortadella!

Hence it certainly did not surprise my husband Michael when I announced one day that I wanted to create my very own table for people to gather around and listen to the stories of my grandparents, parents and family history. This is how Rosa's Table began, a monthly get together with the usual suspects flocking to my home to learn about my Nonna's fish soup with the fish that got away or my auntie Vitina's pork and fennel sausages made traditionally at Easter time. For me these have been an escape and an opportunity to unlock my little treasure box of culinary delights. 

From these monthly cooking capers, the idea of Rosa's Table Culinary Tour of Sicily evolved. People began to ask me to show them my Sicily, so how could I refuse!  This is an intimate and personalised tour of Sicily. I like to take a small group with me and just wander,  discovering little hidden culinary treasures, meeting local artisans and villagers along the way. I adore the streets of Palermo, passing through the vibrant food markets and meeting a puppeteer or two. I love to take time out and sit amongst the oranges and olive groves, and the vineyards. I invite you to come and eat, drink, walk, wander and explore Sicily with me…come on, my family is waiting to meet you! 

I invite you to come and eat, drink, walk, wonder and explore Sicily with me...come on, my family is waiting to meet you!